Wednesday, September 9


Well the hunt is in full swing. Lots of hunters finding icons and wonderful goodies to purchase.

It's my turn to stock on Gossamer Dreams and I've done a lottery for an appliqued Auriel 'Peace' is available to enter the lottery until approximately 11pm tonight.

A close up of the applique.

I also have the collaboration with Mel on Beetlebums for the Duck Set - we decided the fairest thing to do was to relist the auction. Please dig deep for this worthy cause.

And on my site I have a CUSTOM SLOT up for grabs. This is a special custom slot, as you'll be able to have an appliqued Auriel, along with either a standard Auriel or HoneyBoy!

I'm currently working on some more dyed fitteds to put up, along with some HoneyBoy! Basics to put up later today or tomorrow.

My Step Dad Gerry has just undergone a Pacemaker operation in Bundaberg, but as it turns out now needs to come to Brisbane for further surgery, so please excuse the randomness of any stockings for the next week or so. I may not get as much stock up as I would like, as both he and my Mum need family support at the moment.

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