Wednesday, October 7

Are you in Brisbane!!

Do you want to learn how to sew up a nappy?

Well here you go - details of the Cloth Nappy Sewing Workshop for Reusable Nappy Week - I'd love to see you - and yes cupcakes on offer as well.

Brisbane Nappy Making Class for Reusable Nappy Week

This class is being taught by Lesley from Cherubs Kiss using the soon to be released Pookey Pocket's pattern from The cloth Nappy Shop.

17th October 2009
9am till 12 noon

St Williams Church Hall
Dawson Parade,

Off street parking available.

Cost - $25 includes basic materials.

Need to bring - white polyester thread and your sewing machine, plus a bottle of water, and some snacks.

No mobile children please due to workplace health and safety, please contact us to discuss this if concerned.

Contact -

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  1. OH I would so love to do something like this, what fun!