Wednesday, October 14

Cloth Nappy Shop

Well I am off to the Cloth Nappy Shop tomorrow for the RNW get together. So I thought I'd post some piccies for those not able to attend.

These two nappies will be up for grabs, one a lucky door prize and the other part of a raffle to raise funds for Breast Cancer - you can check out more items raising funds here from 4pm 19th October. The blue one is from the new divine range of minkys from Fairy Fabrics the orange/yellow one is a hand dyed cotton outer AIO.

I'll also have a custom slot on offer, just pop into the Cloth Nappy Shop tomorrow and pop your name down, the name will be randomly drawn by a little person. You will be able to choose 2 custom nappies, totally your choice, price will be dependant on what you would like and I'll post them out free to the winner, with some extra goodies.

And just a little something extra I've been working on isn't it divine?

More of these to come soon :) I'm sorta addicted to making the ruffles, now just to think of something just as stunning for the boys :)

We also have Gossamer Dreams stocking tomorrow night - we have 3 guest wahms, so be sure to pop along and see what's on offer. I have some nappies and girly clothing, simply ran out of enough time to do any more, but the leftovers will be stocked in the store late next week.

The pre-orders from 1st October are starting to trickle out, just check your account services on the CK site to see if yours has been shipped.

Now due to RNW and family committments the items from Gossamer Dreams will not be posted out until Monday. I am sorry for the delay but I only have so many hours in the day.


  1. Wow Lesley, that watermelon nappy is gorgeous.

  2. Lesley you are such a tease!! I love the blue one <3

    Hope it all went smoothly today :-)

  3. Kissy loves her new watermelon ruffle nappy (so do I, lol) I would post a piccie on here if I could but alas it will have to go on the facebook one instead. We had a lovely morning at The Cloth Nappy Shop, it was lovely to meet so many cloth using Mamas.

  4. look forward to seeing what you come up with for the boys, If I had a girl I would have been lusting over that watermelon nappy.