Sunday, October 11

Some gardening

Well our garden is very sadly neglected, never enough hours in the day - but I'm taking a stand and moving things along myself.

Anyways here are some very very sad pictures of the strip in our driveway that was really blah to say the least. The ground I must say is hard as rock sigh! So I am very sore today and we only did a tiny portion. HOping that the Man of the HOuse can dig up the rest and just leave the planting up to me. The cherubs and I were filthy by the end of it, and it was suppose to relax me, but didn't quite work that way lol!!

Oh and I'm going with a purple and white theme.

1 comment:

  1. Is there a hidden 'HO HO' in there Lesley? LOL It will look lovely when it's done :)