Wednesday, December 16

What a gorgeous bunch of children!

Well I had my second photo shoot yesterday - 11 gorgeous babies, 12 gorgeous outfits, lots of cupcakes and watermelon. A beautiful day - not too hot, not too cold. Everyone was fairly happy though one little tiny cherub dropped her lip as I was getting her dressed :( But she forgave me later :)

A huge thank you to my photographer Trudy,who drove a very long way and worked very hard all morning. Everything pretty much went according to plan, and bubs and parents were all happy and relaxed, just what you want on a beautiful summer's day.

So of course here are just some of the many, many photos that were taken.

The divine Mr T, attitude and spunk for this little man and I think the nappy suited him perfectly - it was perhaps my favourite nappy of the day.

At the end of the morning, all the 11 children, with their santa hats and cupcakes. And yes I made the cupcakes, and given what happened a bit later, I think the children enjoyed them, keep checking the blog for the rest of the piccies.

The very delightful Miss A - who was an absolute dream, and followed instructions to the letter, she brought along her very gorgeous older brother as well, they both have the most divine eyes, but here is a piccy of her very beautiful curls and her twirly dress.

And last but not least the very photogenic Miss Abby, who was has the most amazing model poses, and kept Mummy and photographer in stitches with her cuteness and willingness to do anything asked of her.

A massive thank you to the mummies and daddies that brought their wonderful children to my shoot. You should have all by now received another email from me with more details, let me know if you haven't. A huge thank you also to Jade for the lend of her cupcake tree. My photographer Trudy, you've done all I asked and more, and my darling DH who has put up with my incessant stressing over the last couple of weeks, trying to get everything all finished and showcase the best of Cherub's Kiss products. By the way whose insane idea was it to have a photo shoot and Gossamer Dreams stocking on the same day.

More pics to come of all the other bubbas over the next few days.

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  1. Oh yeah!!! Lovely lovely lovely!!!! Cant wait to see more, if these are anything to go by, they will be stunning!!!