Monday, February 22

More goodies

Well no little cherubs for a weekend and you can achieve a fair bit, not as much as I wanted to, but still a goodly amount. I am now done to two things on my to do list, and one is half done already so yah!!

But of course you want pictures right?

The Kimono set from Gossamer Dreams

Close up of the pants - with applique.

For a new baby boy due this week - I love the fluffy fleece, I have it in lots of colour, going to make some more.

The lushiest bamboo velour raphaels in cream, my favourite

I love the pure and simple of plain colours with a gorgeous edge trim in cute colours.

Something for a little bean :)

And I did take a couple more, but they came out all blurry :( So sorry Alysha, but you'll get a surprise with the nappies :)


  1. Oh so sad I missed that kimono set :(
    Love the bean that is too cool Lesley! As are the rest ;)

  2. My god Lesley that Kimono set is to die for the pants are a super cute addition. Will have to get some action shots for you :) Don't worry about the others it will be a bit like xmas opening the package :D Thank you!!

  3. Lesley, I love that kimono set. That fabric is perfect!

    And those raphaels are divine! If I had a baby right now, I'd be bugging you to make me some. (don't worry!!! no babies here!)