Saturday, February 27

Nearly Hunting Time

Just two more sleeps till you can start hunting for those elusive nappy icons, or are they owls??? Anyways if you haven't registered, pop along here to register

A wait list nappy popped into the post today, I will continue to work through the waitlist nappies during the hunt, but they will be slower to get to you, back on track after the hunt.

The gorgeous Mama Mel from Beetlebums and I have been working on some collaborations for awhile now, but a Babymoon for Mel (have you seen her gorgeous bubba boy Phoenix) and some hiccups here in the Cherub House have seen these delayed, but keep an eye on my OZeBaby Store over the next few days to see these collaborations pop on up. Here's a little peek of the boys sets.

There will be some absolutely stunning girls sets going up as well, in the next few days.

My site will be randomly stocked during the hunt as I get things finished. I've got some divine girls clothing nearly ready to go and I'm finding it really hard to let them go. So I'll be mixing it up on the Cherub's Kiss site over the hunt, you'll see Raphs, Auriels, HoneyBoy! and clothing and accessories.

Last but not least, I've joined into a new forum called Cloth Nappies Made Easy It's a place for you to get all the help you need on Cloth Nappies, rather than a parenting forum. So if you need help to sew your own, or where to buy goodies, pop along to see. I've donated a custom slot to the admin of the forum to be drawn from all those that join up to be members from now until the end of March.

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