Friday, March 5

Well what a week

Our computer suffered a catastrophic failure and can no longer be jollied along :( So it was off to computer heaven for them both and off to procure another one, which is lovely, but will take a bit of getting used to on my end.

Lots and lots of bucketing down rain, mostly when you pick up the kids from school, so lots of drowned rats.

I'm fairly under the weather and according to my GP it will take sometime to recover, so I apologise in advance for delays in orders or anything. Please make angel your first port of call if you need anything at all, and we will endeavour to have you sorted in the shortest possible time. Please remember though that angel has two small children herself and generally only answers emails morning and night. If your query is urgent please mark it as such in the heading.

Items will continue to be stocked randomly throughout the hunt, but given the above it may be hit and miss at times.

Mel has let me know that her second boys nappy is just about complete, and I've finished the first half of a scrummy girls set. I'll pop a sneek peek up when I can.

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