Tuesday, April 13

Are you new to the WAHM world

or are you just thinking about treading down that path?

Preparation and organisation are the key to a successful business - WAHP included. It's not just a matter of saying hey let's make xyz, it takes planning, forethought, lots of dollars and plenty of time, to be well prepared to make a splash.

Don't know where to start - well I can recommend another WAHM to help you out - Pop along and vist Mel at SuperWAHM - she can help you focus your energies to those important areas that often let small business' down.

She's currently running a 2 hour Business Plan program - a Business plan in an excellent way to see where you are and where you are headed. So shoot her an email and tell her I sent you.

I can also recommend her e-books I was pleasantly suprised to discover that I was in fact following most of the recommendations already - so great minds think alike.

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