Friday, April 2

Hot Cross Buns

Well a little person getting up ridiculously early and what's a girl to do but make Hot Cross Buns - the little people don't like the fruit, so we go fruitless, though I wouldn't mind some apricots and almonds. The man of the house likes the chocolate version, but as you know I'm not really into chocolate. Anyways I used this recipe.

With a couple of tweaks - I used bread making flour instead of the plain flour. I made up the cross mixture with a couple of spoonfuls of bread flour and some caster sugar, then enough water to make them pipable. The glaze was some boiling water, some gelatine and some water. They are bigger than I should have made them - they averaged 85 - 105 grams per bun, but I think about 70 grams would have been better.