Friday, May 14

Some baking

Firstly a tweaked Masterchef Sausage Roll - I used pork/veal mince and I didn't bother pureeing the veges mine eat bits lol! So they had grated carrot and cheese in them and oh yum!! I used 500g of the mince and 4 sheets of ready rolled puff pastry cut in half. So it made 8 big sausage rolls. I used poppy seeds on the top - except for K who doesn't like those black things lol!! This was enough for dinner for 6, a lunch for Shane for work and 3 lunchtime meals. They were delicious!!

And then it was cold, gloomy and dark and I needed desert after a rough day :( So Lemon and Coconut Self Saucing pudding and oh my it was delicious - ugly but delicious. Next time I think I'll make the top batter a bit runnier, it was quite thick, but nontheless tasty.

And last but not least, cinnamon scrolls, my favourite quick put together last minute morning tea.

2 cups of SR flour, rub in 90g butter and then mix in 2/3 cup of milk to a soft dough. Roll out to a rectangle to about 5mm thickness.

Then mix together 60g softened butter and 2 tablespoons brown sugar , 1 teas cinnamon and spread over the rectangle of the dough. Roll up and then cut into 2 - 3 cm slices. Place dough pieces close together on a tray and bake until golden - about 12 - 15 minutes at 210 deg.

When cool ice with Glace Icing - I use a cup of so of icing sugar, a teaspoon of butter, and enough milk to make a smooth paste, add a drop of pink colour. Mix together until smooth. Zap in the microwave for about 20 minutes and then spoon in dollops onto the cooled scrolls.


  1. Oh my yumminess!! You seriously get me inspired to do some baking of sweets Lesley. (erkk over the beef jerky now LOL)

  2. those scrolls were to die for :) Thanks Lovely Lesley!!

  3. The scrolls look delicious! We had homemade sausage rolls yesterday too. Yum