Sunday, June 20

Don't you hate it when

You sew through your finger sigh! I've only done it once before and that was this year too, but this time it's worse. I thought I could keep sewing but it appears not. I never realised that I use my middle finger for so much sewing work, but there you have it I do. So no more sewing for me today - I tried to solider through but that just ended up in an oopsie sigh!

If you'd like to be in the lottery for the said oopsie it's reduced in price, just pop along here

Other than that - it appears that my newsletter list is under repair and should be fixed shortly yah!!!

I'm stocking tonight at 7.30 Queensland time at the Store They are mostly girly tonight but I have boys ones going up tomorrow night and then the leftovers including a couple of splitsies and size 1 randomly throughout the week.

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