Friday, June 18

Newsletter 18th June

Well it appears that not everyone is getting my newsletter darn it all - I've put in a support ticket to my provider but I'm not holding my breath. Might have to change to a new program.

But for those that missed it, here you go.

Well it's a cold and gloomy day here in Brisbane but the Cherub's are working hard to get through our long list of semi-customs and working on some instocks.

I'm hoping to stock either late Sunday or Monday - keep your eyes on our Facebook Fan Page at for updates.

My poor little overlocker is having her bits serviced as we speak and I hope to have her back tomorrow, if not the nappies that I stock will still need their boosters done, so please allow a couple of extra days after the stocking for posting to be done, but all nappies should be posted by end of next week.

School holidays are about to start here in Queensland so stock will be limited whilst the Cherubs have some famiy time. Shane for once has some holidays during school holidays and we have some family outings planned. Again just check my blog or Facebook Page for updates.

Stay safe for those that are travelling away for the school holidays and have a super weekend.

The Cherub's Kiss Family

PS I have lots of nappies for the stocking, well at least alot for me lol!!

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