Saturday, June 5

The first Harvest

Of our home grown veges. Not much to start with, but enough for our dinner, they are a mix of asian lettuces, I'm sure some of the children *read all* will be adverse to trying them but meh! this is what we are having.

All the veges were planted on Mother's Day and are doing great. I did plant 6 beans seeds and unfortunately only 3 came up, but I'll just plant some more when i can find where I put the packet.

Shane and I spent the afternoon (with my coughing and hacking away) making two more beds, awaiting the tip truck full of dirt arriving on Monday - yeh I know you'd think we have enough dirt but nope it seems not.

Then I have to make a visit to a turf farm to procure some turf, so my backyard is not a constant quagmire of mud *read I can't stand having more pants ruined by the little miss K jumping into puddles*

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