Thursday, June 10

My Creative Space

There are just never enough hours in the day lately sigh!

I'm trying my darndest to make some little crochet squares for a charity project and let's just say I am not going well with things, but I am trying I promise.

My bagalicious club arrived today and it's so wonderful, I love the colours it even has a stitchery woo hoo, so I am going to do this, last months Bagalicious bag is over 1/2 finished but you know me and yellow.

And I had to go and buy vlisoflix today as I needed a slightly lighter weight adhesive to the Applikay Wonder that I have been using, and of course you can't just buy vlisoflix can you - so the sweet little fabric crept into the basket and then oh no Janelle Wind's new book Pieces of Me popped in as well and I love it - I think I can make everything in the book, which doesn't usually happen, I can see quite a few birthday/Christmas Gifts in it.

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  1. Next time I'm shopping with you! Things might jump into my basket as well, don't you think? Enjoy your projects... :)