Friday, June 11

Happy Birthday Sarah

Well just about 17 years and 1 hour ago, my gorgeous 2nd daughter came into the world. Nearly 4 weeks early but gorgeous and precious just as she is today.

Happy Birthday my darling Sarah and I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Her request for Birthday dinner. Chicken Pasta, Garlic bread and a cheesecake - any kind. Man these kids can't decided - so with much tooing and frooing, Strawberry Cheesecake was chosen. And if was delicious - it was a baked cheesecake for a change.

Pressies included quite a few Pandora Beads from famiy and friends, lovely hand creams and room oil wick thingys (I am hopeless trying to remember the names) skinny black jeans and chocolate cake baked by boyfriend Jack !! We still have some cupcakes to come but we are all too full from Cheesecake, so we might save them till tomorrow.


  1. Wow I totally forgot Sarah's Bday. Happy belated bday Sarah