Sunday, July 18

Happy 4th Birthday

This day 4 years ago, we welcomed the last cherub to the home. After a surprisingly to everyone but my Mum labour. Quicker than a game of soccer my hubby tells me, little Miss K made her arrival, weighing an astonishing 9lb 6oz - the doctor said no way - but there she was all cuddly and sweet and looking like a little pixie!

And now look at her, sweet and cherubic - or so she will have you believe lol!!

Stunning Redondo skirt from the gorgeous Sara at Willow and Moo

And of course yummy cupcakes - I finally after all these years made the vanilla cupcakes from the Crabapple Cupcake Book and find I still prefer mine lol!! And I made fluffy frosting, which went down a treat with everyone but the birthday girl, who had picked it out herself lol!!!

Stunning wings are from Gigi's Fairy Fashion

And the most exciting pressie for the day - a beautiful dolly from the lovely Michelle at Poppy Beans and Bloss Katherine was sitting on my lap one day whilst I browsed FB and there was a gorgeous dolly from Michelle - and K was in raptures and I'll have that one with blue hair and a pink top - and that's exactly what we got! K was ever so excited that she had undies and a belly button!! Miss Emily as the dolly is now named (guessing cause Emily is K's favourite cousin) has been cuddled and dressed and redressed countless times already.


  1. Happy Birthday Katherine and birthing day too Lesley.

    I love the special presents

    Tracy :D

  2. Aww, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Looks like she had a special day. :)

  3. ooh happy birthday!! she looks adorable and the last picture is just beautiful!!