Wednesday, July 21

To Sir with Love!

Glee is a favourite in this house and I've been listening to the soundtrack all week and I love the song To Sir with Love, so when this fabric and idea jumped out at me as they tend to do at weird times and usually when I'm already overflowing with thoughts and inspiration I had to down everything and get this finished!!

I am absolutely stoked at how it turned out - I hope you love it too.

It's a AIO or AI2 if you want to be technical :D Outer of black minky with a divine rose print, appliqued on the back and ruched and scalloped on the front. Inner is red minky - a totally lush nappy!!

It's up for Auction here - it's only a 24 hour auction!

I'll be putting some more random splitsies up tomorrow on the CK site as well. A jungle softies, Starlight Express (peek up on my facebook page) and a half splitsie lol!! Aqua Space Tots! And maybe more if I get them finished :)

Don't forget we love to hear any thoughts and suggestions you have at anytime.

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