Thursday, August 19

A little bit of

Possum magic lol!! For a sweet little girls 2nd birthday.

Said little girl is otherwise known at MissMagic or possum and so when the fabrics arrived, there were a few to choose from, I knew what I wanted to do, but it took me a little while to work out how I wanted to do it.

And then inspiration strikes and away we go. The back applique consists of a possum taken from the fabric, and hand embroidered to give it depth and life.

Hand drawn branches and gum leaves in various fabrics and colourways, and then some gum blossoms in various shades of yellow and orange, probably not strictly a literal interpretation but creative licence :)

The front is pieced together denim, olive mottled minky and the same print, again with applique and hand embroidery.

And you can't have a special nappy without a special dress, so I've used Ava from Modkid to create this little halter, it's too hot in Queensland already for sleeves :)

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  1. Dear Miss Lesley, thankyou for my birthday nappy and dress.... Love MissMagic