Tuesday, August 24

This is a pretty

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Would you like to win one???? Designed with this fabric, in your choice of size. Postage costs at your expense.

This is what you have to do and you only have 24 hours to do it. Entries close tomorrow at 12.30pm and will be drawn tomorrow night, all those with correct entries will go into the lottery to win it. As my blog posts are moderated, I won't moderate them until tomorrow at 12.30pm so there is no peeking on others answers :D

So here's the question - in Australia we all know what shagging means, but in other parts of the world it means something completely different. So you need to tell me where is it different, how is it differnt and where is this event held?

I will post the winner here tomorrow night, if your details aren't easy to find you'll need to check here and contact us to claim your prize.

Have fun and a bit of a giggle while you are at it.


  1. In Yorktown, Virginia (USA) they hold a Shagging on the Riverwalk Beach Music Concert Series. It runs for 10 weeks in the Summer. They have musicians play, and also do Shag (dancing) lessons : )
    Hope this is what you were referring to :) I'd love to win a nappy :D

  2. Shagging is differant in America!

    Shagging describes the act of catching fly balls in the outfield when not involved in actual baseball games. Pitchers may do this during batting practice before games.

    In the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, children are recruited as shaggers in order to field balls that do not go out as a home run. Also, during batting practice anywhere, "shagging balls" describes the act of catching and gathering up balls that are thrown back to the pitching area, usually by a player standing near the pitcher.

    Peta xox

  3. The Carolina Shag is the state dance of North Carolina and South Carolina (thanks Wikipedia!) Shagging can also be a broad term to refer to a number of different swing dances :-)

    Alison F.

  4. Teehee
    Where - America
    How - It's a broad term for a number of partnered swing dances that originated around the big band era.
    Where - Welllll it is aparently the state dance of north and south Carolina but according to (bahahaha) Golden Isles Shag Club - Jekyll Island
    The biggest shag event of the year.....for one building.
    1000's of shaggers gathered in one location !

  5. Shagging- Carolina Shag is a DANCE!!!! :) or is it the baseball one of catching balls in the outfield?

  6. shagging is when the ball is hit into the outfield during practice of American baseball

  7. Shagging- a type of 6 count partnered dance similar to swing dance done to fast tempo music like jazz. Originated in the USA in the 30's/40's during big band era (first known of in 1936). Still the state dance of North and South Carolina, USA where it is still practiced. Originally known as the "Carolina Shag" and was a derivative of the Carolina Jitterbug.

    Shagging- a term from the USA used in Baseball and is commonly known as "shagging flies" where flyballs are hit into the outfield to be caught./fielded back towards the pitching mound. Usually done as practice or warmup prior to a match. Any balls hit into the outfield that are not homeruns are fielded by "shaggers" and returned in such a fashion.

    So shaggiing in the US can denote shagging on the dancefloor or shagging on the baseball field, lucky the're not actually shagging as in Australian slang, lol!

  8. What an interesting topic lol!
    'Shagging' in Southern US is when a couple are dancing the 'Shag Dance', similar to swing dancing. The annual Shag Dance Championships are held in Myrtle Beach, Sth Carolina. Very interesting to watch!

  9. The only other shags I know of beside the aussie one and the bird is the dance.

    When we were younger we were obsessed with a movie called shag that had a lot of ties to the dance and competitions held in Carolina I think.

  10. Shagging means different things in different countries
    my answer is

    Also known as a swing dance Shagging began in Myrtle beach.Its a combination of swinging and charleston, tradditionally performed on the sand at the beach.
    Carolina Shag,as its known, is also a state dance of North Carolina and South Carolina.
    They hold a national shag dance championship at Myrtle Beach every year

    but also ;)

    In the UK it means having sex.:)

    other info for fun......

    It is also a reference in baseball
    When balls are caught and gathered up that are thrown back in the pitching area or catching balls in the Outfield. :)

  11. Shagging is a term in the US for a particular type of dancing, the Carolina shag. I found Jekyll Is has one of the biggest shagging events.
    Thanks for the giggles, you're awesome and a great warm up for the hunt.

  12. Well, I'll be hey! Turns out, in America, Shagging is a particular type of dance, like swing dancing. Unlike the shagging we know, described by Urban Dictionary as 'when a man drives his erect penis into a woman's vagina'. Ahhh, got to laugh.
    They seem to shag all over the place in the States but the biggest events are held in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  13. Shagging describes the act of catching fly balls in the outfield when not involved in actual baseball games. Pitchers may do this during batting practice before games