Sunday, September 19

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Which I believe is Michelle - now I can't contact you through blogger, so you'll need to contact us at angel at cherubskiss dot com

Thank you to everyone that left birthday wishes for my little man - he had an awesome day.

Also if you are Alison F - who left this awesome little poem

Master cherub turns 7 this year,
Legos and pirates are his favorites we hear,
So with a patch on my eye, a sword in my hand
And a parrot on my shoulder I give the command
To all on my ship come gather round
And fill the sea air with a familiar sound
This catchy little tune we sing for you
"happy birthday to you" from the whole pirate crew!

This pirate maid has her own little boy
A four month old that fills her with joy
If we are lucky to get the nappy to be won
We would love the little monkeys in an auriel size 1!

I'd love for you to contact us as well.

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