Friday, November 19

Hmmmm ..................

This is Tiger, he is NOT suppose to be in my sewing room, but you turn your back and this happens.

It's quite a jump from my sewing table to the beams - and I have no idea WHY he thought it was a good idea or why he was there - but he's a boy - YOU try and figure them out lol!! Plus there is nothing on the other side of the beam - so he's sitting ona beam about 10cm wide with nothing on the other side.

He was cajoled down with food - it always wins - he is a foodaholic!

And then I go out of the sewing room to help the little miss and return to find this.

Could that box be any smaller???

And just to give you an idea of size, the box is about 20 x 30 cm and Tiger weighs in at over 5kg and is about 90 cm long - he's a BIG cat - theses were the little pussycats that Amy rescued from the Pound. The Vet thinks they are part Norwegian Forest Cat - I think I believe her.

He really is a beautiful cat - but he's NOT allowed in my sewing room, so after pictures he was shooshed out - he is not happy with me atm.


  1. He is a little bit cute though and how think is that tail:)

  2. lol on the beam and the box. :)