Wednesday, November 17

My budding fashion designer

Well that might be a slight exaggeration lol!!

Little Miss K accompanied me to the local quilt store last week, whilst on an expidition for just the right wool for the Tikki mystery KAL.

After much deliberation a red wool was chosen, we thankfully bypassed the yellow lol!! I'm not doing so great so far on the KAL - it's been frogged a few times, but I'll perservere.

But of course I couldn't NOT stop in at the Quilt Store as it's right next door to the yarn store and the little miss begged and pleaded for some fabric for a skirt, so being the lovely mummy that I am I was cajoled, never expecting her combination lol!

Anyways it's purple with hot pink dots and stripes (on the waist band) which actually suffered at the hands of the overlocker run by a 4yo and had to be embellished with rick rack to cover up a wee hole.

Then of course we needed a top - and the Miss raided the rick rack stash and wanted it on a shirt. So we added a little stripey heart and some heaven forbid Yellow, Purple and Pink rick rack and ta da - there you have it - fashionistas first outfit.

It takes 4 times as long to make with a 4yo helper - does that mean it will take 5 times as long when she's 5???? She is ever so pleased with herself can you tell?


  1. oh my you do have a fashion designer!I love that spot fabric, what a great choice.

  2. Aww, that's adorable! Nice work Miss K :)

  3. A sensational outfit Lesley!!! You do have have a little fashionista there for sure. LOVE that she likes yellow, you know I do so love that. Can't believe you don't like yellow Lesley, you're a lady of such good taste apart from your yellow dislike. :P

  4. That is so lovely! She obviously has a great sense of colour combining and it's awesome that she wants to be so involved, despite the impact on your time!

  5. Oh it's great Miss K! Budding fashionista for sure :D and brave mumma!
    I think she would look adorable in yellow ;)