Tuesday, December 7

Party Time!

A few posts all in one, because we were without proper speed net service, long story but at last it is fixed. I've missed my November Daring Bakers and a whole heap of other things. So the most important things come first and that's my gorgeous children.

Amy turned 20 on Sunday - eek how did that happen, surely she should still be a wee bitty bitty bubba - So second year of Uni done and dusted, with a excellent marks. She's working at tutoring afternoons, but it's quieter of course now it's holidays.

So anyways Daddy is in charge of photos, but he fell down on the job, so I've only got a cake photo - chocolate mud cake with ganache, neither of which are in my love to make list. So I had to enlist my baby sisters help as this is what she makes. Anyways they turned out great, but I do need a new timer for baking, mine always seem to end up not working thanks to two small cherubs.

And then it was carols at school last night - very wet and soggy walking to the hall, but anwyays. Both had mama made outfits. K's was a little appliqued tshirt with a matching piecework skirt - my own pattern for the skirt and it's super twirly.

William is in an Imke tshirt, which after some unpicking went together fine. But my overlocker had to go in to have some TLC, I got the kids things done but it's a bit ragged sigh!

And he picked his own hat, he was chuffed it was an elf hat WITH EARS!!!

Miss K acting demure

And Miss K in her usual cheeky style sigh! This is 99.9% of the time. William was very annoyed with her in the photos and wanted me to put up one of JUST him, cause K was being silly with rolled eyes.

Super Twirl

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  1. NO WAY... TWENTY!?!

    far... out...

    Many Congratulations from us :)