Monday, January 3

Happy New Year

But for the vast majority - 2011 hasn't started well with alot of towns having either cleaning up from major floods, or still bracing for the peaks to hit.

My family are in Rockhampton which to all intents and purposes is now cut off, whilst my sister is high on the range, water is starting to lap in and around my Mum's house. We were up there for Christmas and the water had started to recede some when we arrived but the time we left was higher than ever and still rising. There are alot of people in need all over Queensland so I'm going to try and do my bit by fundraising through auctions etc via Possum Pouches.

There is already an auction up donated by Kylie from EarthChild/Little Zen - it's a gorgeous rainbow coloured set.

I've decided to kick things off with a rainbow minky coloured AIO, we need a bit of sunshine and rainbows in Queensland at the moment and what better way to start things off.

I'm open to suggestions as to how else you'd like me to help raising funds?

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