Sunday, January 9

Saturday Dinner

We had roast on Friday, so what do we do with the leftovers, turn them into a yummy scrummy delicious beef pie with veges, yummo!! I like my pies to look rustic and rough, no perfect pies here :)

For once no tantrums at the dinner table.

And I couldn't resist this one either - it's a Burnt Sugar Bundt - I found the inspiration here . I think our atrocious weather is not helping the baking and it's humid and sticky - so the cakes been in the fridge which is not what I like to do, but it's still scrummy and deicious and yes I've bought the book, waiting for it to arrive :)

And please excuse the lack of gorgeous photos. This weather is enough to do anyones head in and lack of light is a big problem when trying to take delicious food pics.

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