Tuesday, March 8

From ....

Super girly to boyish to funky, well that's what I've been working on, when I haven't been laid up.  Things have been pretty slow going in the Cherub house unfortunately.

I thank these wonderful mama's for their patience and I hope they like their new additions.

From the Japanese themed semi-custom slot from Gossamer Dreams

The brief, girly and pretty and pink - well only one is pink, but I personally love the lavender one. 

The pink one has a little Geisha and some frills on the back - if you look closely you'll see a wee bit of hand embroidery on the Geisha!  Pop in a little bit of rick rack and smidgin of red and voila!  Super girly and pink :)

Then with fabric supplied by this lovely, lovely customer, a boyish vroom, vroom racing car along with some funky stripes.

And for the same customer  a full on Dr S Splitsie, 3 different coloured minky's, and wacky Cat applique on the back!  Again with stripes. I really enjoyed making this one and whilst you won't see another one exactly the same, I still have a few more Dr S up my sleeve.

Thank you for your patience ladies, I really dislike it when I run behind.

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  1. Just beautiful Lesley. If I had to wear a nappy, I'd want that Geisha one. It is divine!