Wednesday, May 4

Heaven Sent!

Well I've been decidedly under the weather for the last week, very very tired of it, I can tell you - I don't get sick often but obviously my body had had enough and I went down for the count. I've shared it with my darling, mind you the small ones gave it to me first lol! We also had the littlest cherub screaming in the agony of an ear infection, but we all seem to be on the mend.

Heaven Sent HoneBoy! Fleece Outer

I'm a wee bit behind with customs, but they should still hit your mailboxes in the allotted time. Thank you for everyone patience, it really does make a difference.

You can as always see where your custom is at on the left of screen, they are worked from bottom to top in order of payment.

We've also started on the newsletter subscriber wait list spots, more emails to those ladies will be going out next week.

And last but not least the Heaven Sent nappies - I've just received more gorgeous cuts from the wonderful Chris at Baby Bullfrogs. These will be the last for a few weeks as I catch up on everything else and the HoneyBoy! will be the only ones at the moment as I need to source more white fleece, who would have thunk I would run out (not me if you saw my fabric stash)

Size 3 and pocket testing is well under way and so far the testers are ecstatic. Final testing should be taking place in the near future and I'm hoping to release both come July.

Heaven Sent Auriel - Snow White Minky.

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