Saturday, July 16


Well the littlest cherub loves her bright and rainbow colours, so her birthday is Monday, but since she only has Kindy later in the week, we had Happy Birthday at Kindy on Friday.

The request was rainbow coloured cupcakes. Now my week has been less than stellar, and I was fast running out of time. So it was my go to vanilla cupcake recipe with a few additions.

Rainbow sprinkles into the batter

Pink, Blue and Green Buttercream with more of the rainbow sprinkles.

I did apologise in advance to the Kindy Teacher - as I normally try and use natural food colours, but they wouldn't give me the colours we wanted, so we went with the hard core stuff.

Kindy Teacher said 10 minutes after the cake, they were running around madly and she had planned an indoor day - luckily I can easily placate her with more cupcakes :D

You should have seen the kids eyes pop when we walked in with these little beauties!!

Our gorgeous kindy teacher Linda - who Katherine told me - said your Mummy makes the BEST cupcakes she's ever tasted, which cheered me up, after my shocker week. Linda you are the most awesome Kindy teacher ever, such joy and life and love to your teaching!!

And do you recognise the cardigan?? It was made from Oleria by Tikki - size 3 with 5 length - Katherine is tall but slender. And the gorgeous wool - dyed by my lovely friend Susannah from Parrot Pants - it's lush. This the cardy that I kniited when I was laid up for nearly a week - I've barely had time to pick up a set of needles since.

And her gorgeous pettiskirt, and huggalugs that I found via a customer who posted on my wall - thank you thank you!! Katherine loves them so much. I think she's going to be a little fasionista that's for sure!!

Not quite sure what she has planned for me to make on Monday her actual birthday! But guessing it involves yellow and purple!

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  1. Best wishes to your gorgeous princess. Love the cupcakes & outfit!