Saturday, July 9

Swapity Swap Swap!!

Well thanks to the lovely Miss Claire over at Tigernaut, I joined in The Contemporary Handmade Alliance Swap.

I got the loveliest swappee - Lindy from Ragged Blossom she makes beautiful mineral makeup which I have never tried, so I was absolutely delighted. The colours were just spot on to what I would use as well.

These are the little beauties I received, all packaged up beautifully with little bows and everything, things pacakaged up well really make my day :) I love pressies! (sorry lindy I can't take photos to do your makeup justice)

I sent Lindy a Boho Baguette from Studio Kat Designs Made up in black and white with a touch of red. The beads did my head in - next time *remember* to get beads with bigger holes, thankfully Amy came to the rescue. I did find the pattern easy to follow, no hiccups, since I was naughty and left things to the midnight hour ....... literally, that's what happens when you have visitors, surprise stockings and sick kids though. Seems I can sew at midnight lol!!

This is suppose to be the back of the bag but I like it much better as the front, it has a wee zip, and a cheeky inner red pocket.

A photo of the whole side of the bag.

The cheeky beads that had me frustrated. They were glass.

This is suppose to be the front, but next time, I'll split it I think, or embroidery it. Actually I have some gorgeous fabric from Mandy, might be able to use that!!!!!

The cheeky red pocket.

More of the dreaded beads.

The inner pocket, it holds a phone and the other pocket is for doo dads lol!!

If I make the bag again - which I probably will, I liked the size and it had long handles for over my shoulder, I'd probably add another zipped pocket or use one of the bag inserts you can buy for these patterns (you have to make it though). Might have to think how to make the bag with a zippered top, I don't think it would be too hard, as I like my bags to zip closed, so nothing falls out.

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