Sunday, August 7

Angel's Baby and

a giveaway!

Well my gorgeous Angel's baby is starting to come up to his/her date for arrival, so we are going to have a little guessing game.

What do you win - 1 custom item - yes that's right you get to choose whatever up to the value of $65 - postage is at your expense. So you could choose a nappy, a dress, shorts and top, whatever I make. Chance plays no part in this giveaway and it's totally based on when bubba arrives. Should 2 people choose the same date, the nappy will be randomly drawn from a hat for those entrants.

Now some background - Angel's first bubba arrived at 35+2 and bubba no 2 arrived at 41 weeks, so you have a nice spread of arrival time. This bubba is due before the middle of September, so lots of dates for you to pick. Bubba has been a wee bit active hence my putting my foot down and making miss Angel rest ...... much to her consternation!

So go for it - and leave your date and your name, winner will be posted on this blog when bubba arrives. I can't contact you via FB, so please make sure you have a contact email addy, if I don't have one, you will have 48 hours to claim your prize via email to angel at cherubskiss dot com

Have lots of fun. There will be another guessing one in a couple of days for baby's weight, with another nappy up for grabs.

Only one entry per household and comments are moderated, so they may take a little while to show up.


  1. 2nd September - my birthday :D xx

  2. I'll guess.. 10 September - thanks for such an awesome comp!

    I wonder if our babies will come at the same time!

    Hope the birth goes smoothly :)

  3. Hmm, maybe the 13th Sept. Hope all goes well!

  4. I guess the 25th of August as its my DD2's birthday ;)

  5. August 21st as that is my daughter's birthday!

  6. She''l hate me for this, but I'm going to guess for a late arrival - 17th September!
    Thanks for the giveaway, what fun!

  7. 13th September, I am told that's my due date but I think the Drs are out. Someone should have a baby on that date, nd I hope it isn't me (would like bub to arrive a bit earlier)

  8. I think it will be the early hours of the 6th of September (well before sunrise!)

    I wish you all the best Angel!