Sunday, August 28

Don't you wish

you were here eating this ........

I've been working like a demon for pretty much the last 4 weeks straight, with nary a break. 12 hour days are starting to take their toll. Lots of ups and down and roundabouts, so today after working for a few hours this morning I called it quits and decided to veg on the couch with a book - Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson. She's a caterer that solves crimes lol! And her books always have recipes in them.

But of course I had to be different and not bake anything from her book, but after signing up to get blog posts from Wild Yeast and spying today's Yeast Spotting I followed the link to Le Petrin.

Undaunted by the fact that the blog is in French - it does have a google translator on the page - woo hoo! I just grabbed the ingredients and away I went.

For the Brioche dough - I piled everything into the bread maker to make the dough, it could do the work today. I changed a few ingredients though.

My breadmaker likes the yeast first.

2 1/2 teaspoons of dried yeast
then I plonked in
500g bread flour
60 g caster sugar
finely grated rind of one orange
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 whole eggs
200ml of light milk
80 g softened unsalted butter.

Then I let the breadmaker do it's magic. About 2 1/2 hours later, I pulled out the dough. Knocked it down and let it rest for another 15 minutes, then rolled it out - be warned it makes alot of dough BUT it's so scrummy, there is no point in making less. I rolled it out so it measured about 2 ft long by 1 ft wide, I know, I know inches. But basically it was rolled to about 6 - 8 mm thick.

Then I spread it with

100g softened butter, 60 g brown sugar and another vanilla bean, beaten together by hand and then rolled it up. Cut it into about inch wide strips. Then let it rise again till double and baked at 200 degrees for about 16 minutes, or until golden and cooked through. It made 2 biscuit trays with about 9 or 10 rolls on them, they are a goodly size.

The dough is lovely and soft and slightly buttery, not heavy at all. Of course what's a bun without icing. So I mixed up icing sugar, butter and orange juice and just spread it over, don't ask the measurements, I just pour it in and guess.

And now back to your regular scheduled program and I'm back to sitting on my couch with a good book, a bun, a cuppa and the kids.


  1. oh Lesley.


    NOT~! lol yummy yummy yummy! Sounds great and good on you - I've never been brave enough to venture outside the breadmaker recipe book for 'dough only' but I don't see why I can't now!

  2. I don't like you. YOu are mean to post something like that. I want to eat those so badly and I have some oranges from a friend's tree sitting on the kitchen bench!!!! :p