Wednesday, October 12


My gorgeous, wonderful sister bought me this book for my birthday in August.

It has some super yummy recipes in it.

So far my favourite is the Blueberry and Soured Cream Loaf. It's dense but not too sweet, keeps for ages and tastes divine!! Perfect with some icing sugar and cream, or delightful on it's own.

It's an easy cake to memorise as well.

190g each of butter, sugar and plain flour, 3 eggs, 1 tsp baking powder 25ml of sour cream. I ditch the salt cause I use salted butter and I add some vanilla extra and a wee bit more liquid in the form of more sour cream or light milk. It makes quite a thick batter.

Now you can follow the cream the butter and sugar thingy as usual but I found it still works okay as an all in together mix. What I've been doing lately is cream the butter/sugar, add the eggs and vanilla and then stir in the flour and liquids. Then at the very end before putting it into a loaf tin is stir through a goodly portion of blueberries, I used frozen as I'm trying to clear our the freezer, but you can use any berries you like. The do tend to sink to the bottom but you can try coating them in flour first or mixing some through and them putting some on the top and that should distribute them better.

But as Miss K doesn't like the blueberries it works well here, I cut a slice she eats the top and leaves the scrummy blueberries on the bottom for moi!

And yes this is all that is left after making it yesterday - well there are 7 people who live here and I had a lovely visitor drop by as well.

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  1. What a lovely and very appropriate cakey gift, Lesley :) I'm sure you'll enjoy making from it, and tasting and eating and sharing :)

    xo YARM!