Tuesday, October 11


I've fallen down badly on the Blogtoberfest sigh! But I promise I'm going to be good from now on.

I made this sweet little smurf dumpling yesterday, isn't she cute as a button! I'm thinking I'll be making lots of these as little gifts in the coming months.

Following the awesome tutorial from Keyka Lou

It was quite easy, eventhough I didn't have a 14 inch zip, mine was much longer, in the right colour, so I marked the end with the zip stop as per instructions and just let the rest hang off the other end as they both get trimmed anyways.


  1. very cute!

    I remember Smurfs when I was a kid. I almost don't want to see teh current movie because I'm sure it's been very 'modernised' and not in a good way. Happy to be wrong. :)

    Lovely work as always Lesley