Thursday, December 8

End of the school year

Well the school year has nearly finished. Both W and K have had a fabulous year.

W's teacher is just a doll and has really made W shine. He got an excellent report and he's very excited to be moving up to year 3.

K had the most gorgeous Kindy teacher and assistant, they know her so well and she's had an absolute ball going, she's really going to miss them, but she's very excited to be going into prep. We've met her divine prep teacher already and have a uniform ready to go, she was a little disappointed it wasn't pink, but once she realised everyone wears the same, she submitted to wearing royal blue and school green.

As a thank you to the wonderful teachers, I did as always do some baking, shortbread, red and green M&M bikkies and some dark chocolate coated cherry and pecan biscotti. Plus a wee tote bag from Kekya Lou, they went together really easily and suited the teachers down to the ground.

All 3 bags with goodies.

For William's teacher Mrs B - pinks and blues.

For Katherine's Kindy Teacher Mrs M - she loves green

And for the funky Mrs F - Kindy assistance, red, yellow and black.

Next time I make them I'll leave the opening a little bigger, I think I gathered a bit too much, but it's a super quick and easy bag and it looks great.

Of course it was pouring rain yesterday, so inside photos it was as we were rushing out the door.