Sunday, December 11

I'm blaming

some gorgeous mamas for posting a link on FB and then I just HAD to follow it lol!! And then of course I had to make it.

It's the Tabitha Bag from Flossie Teacake

Now I really shouldn't be sewing because

a) it was black
b) the antibiotics and painkillers, do not lead to perfect sewing

But sewing nappies is not an option when I'm not on top of the game, there is no room for error when I sew for paid work. Plus I get bored easily, being told to do nothing, doesn't really work for me :(

I'm sure my sister's friend who this bag is made for will forgive my little oopsies. Not that there were many but it's not as perfect as I would have liked.

Anyways I found the pattern relatively easy to follow, though I do like actual photos rather than diagrams, but she was pretty clear on her pics. A couple of things I would change, would be a few more markings as you really need to have a straight edge at the top of the bag, I think I oopsed there and used the wrong piece, totally my fault I am sure but a couple of extra markings would have been good.

I used black - BIG MISTAKE - I need new glasses, and marking on black is always a pita, so remember to mark the wrong side of your fabric with the markings if using black.

I would use a slightly heavier interfacing next time, I don't think the pattern stipulated, but even a layer of iron on pellon on the lining might be enough to give it a wee bit more body - but then again the designer did use linen, which I didn't.

I would have liked a mark for the magnetic catch, it's easy enough to do at the end, but a mark would be awesome.

I oopsed on the handles cause I forgot to leave an opening to insert them, but that wasn't necessarily a bag thing, as I found unpicking and inserting them gave a neat finish.

Oh and I made the trim 1 1/2 inches wide instead of just the inch.

Other than that, I think it's a cute bag, now I just need to work out how to put a zip in is, as i'm more a zip girl than magnetic clasps :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Lesley!! :)

  2. Awesome as always! If Son doesn't like it I'm sure it would look great in my if I need more bags!

  3. If I was half as productive in MY downtime as you are Lesley, in the sewing dept, I'd be fine!

    Here's hoping you're not needing the AB etc for long... mend up m'dear