Friday, December 30

Mamu Designs - Emily

So I thought I would run through how I made it, as I was a little confused myself. These how to are only brief as I'm flat out at the moment, I'll expand them as i make more in the set.

I'm making the dress, with the ruffled back.

Cut two front tops on the fold - one focus fabric, one lining. Decorate the front bodice before anything else. I interfaced mine, as I didn't want the threads etc to show through to the right side. Mine is cut from watermelon pink.

Cut one front skirt. Mine is cut from pale pink.

One back skirt - I used the large ruffle piece, again in pale pink.

One back skirt - small ruffle piece - I used a stripe.

One waistband - I cut it in half, as I was only gathering up the back skirt. So where it had cut on fold, I made this my other cut edge.

Finish the bottom edge of the small ruffle, lay over the large ruffle piece and baste together at the waist.

Fold waistband in half and press.

Gather the back to skirt to fit the waistband. Stitch together, press and topstitch, I like to topstitch the top edge of the waistband as well. Insert elastic to fit (there are no measurements that I can see, so I guesstimated to fit a size 2) Baste ends of elastic in waistband so they don't go anywhere, whilst you work on the front.

Once front is fully embellished to your requirements, it's time to attach the skirt. Attached your bodice front to your skirt front. Pressing all your seams.

If you are going to add a trim to the bottom hem like I have, sew one side of your skirt back to to your completed front. If you don't have a hem trim you can attach both sides. So attach your skirt back to your front, from the hemline up - hopefully they will be the same on either side. Press the seam to the front - yes that's right the front - that's because I'm lining the bodice and we want it to sit flat at the waist. Don't' forget to finish your seam, I just used my overlocker.

I've added a hemline trim, so I sewed one side, added my trim and then matching the sides sewed up the other side, pressed my trim up and topstitched it.

Now to line your bodice. Lay right sides together of your bodice and stitch all the way around, leaving the skirt waistline seam unattached. Clip and trim seams, turn through and press. I made sure that I turned up the bottom edge of the bodice by 5mm or so, when I attached them at the sides, so that I had a neat edge to hand stitch down onto the bodice so no seams showed on the bodice.

Ta da all finished, it was pretty easy to put together, just the instructions that were confusing to my fried brain, once I had the pieces all cut, I knew what I had to do.

And the finished article, it turned out beautifully I think

and of course it has a matching nappy.

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