Sunday, January 1


A clean slate, well that's what I'm hoping, 2011 had lots of challenges and plenty more downs than ups, but I'm starting afresh, with a positive outlook (thanks Ness)

So I have some plans for this year.

Keep up my walking, trying for 10,000 steps everyday. Make sure Shane puts rocking music on my shuffle.

Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day. I love my veges and eat heaps but fruit, I can take it or leave it.

Take a mental health day more often, walk in the park, sit and read a book, visit the museum, just a day now and then with downtime.

Take the time to say hi to my friends. They have stuck by me all year, even as hopeless as I have been at keeping in touch. They know who they are, and they are always there when I need a hug, a cry, a laugh. We are separated by just a suburb or many miles, but always there.

Take my children to the movies, the park, teach W to ride his bike, the pool, the library, just have some fun.

Continue to give my support to the handful of small charities that are always in need.

Bake more. Try making sourdough

Get the garden more fruitful and flowery.

Sew for family and friends, not just work.

Plan a wedding.

Make William a pirate room, complete with mural.

Most of all, laugh and live and have lots of fun.


  1. Great post Lesley :) Almost feeling inspired to blog something similar....almost :P

  2. You can do it Mandy, I've missed you blog posts !!!

  3. Anyone we know, Lesley? ;) (wedding)

    I get it. Clean slate. nice feeling. A chance to 'let' ourselves be ok with whatever we did or didn't do last year, sign off and begin again. Wierd that it takes a 'new year' to allow ourselves that... what's the word...? 'human-ness'? anyway, I think you know what I mean.

    We have to cut ourselves little bit more slack I think... easy to suggest to someone else, hard to do oneself!

    To a positive and productive 2012
    Much Love