Sunday, January 29

Sunday Baking

Clockwise from top left.

Ugly buns lol - i call them that, cause they are messy with melted chocolate and I dislike handling them too much. It's just chocolate bread dough with choc chips mixed through.

Gingersnaps - these are sooo good, not too gingery that the kids won't' eat them, but soft and chewy but crunchy on the edges.

Bakewell slice - Apricot as someone had eaten all the strawberry/raspberry jam and just put the empty bottle back in the fridge sigh - the recipe said use a smaller pan - yeh right and I made this cause I picked up ground almond meal for $6.95 for 500g an absolute steal.

M&M Brownies - enough said

ORange Weetbix slice - it was suppose to be chocolate cornflake slice but again I failed to realise no cornflakes in the cupboard until i had melted the butter.

Bread in the bread maker and Jeni's vanilla ice cream base cooling too.

Wonder if this lot will last a week???


  1. Yum yum!

    I freeze everything I make in lunch box sized portions - so if I make a double batch of muffins, it will usually last at least 2 weeks.

  2. ok M&M brownies recipe please!!! :)

    It all looks delicious. Seems to be a common thing this week with lots of Mums thinking ahead for the first week of school lol

    I know you bake anyway but ykwim.

  3. Yum! I need to come and live with you Lesley :P