Sunday, February 12


Nearly there, still some bits and pieces to put back, but the guts of it are all back, including my machines woo hoo - I'm sorta a bit lost without them.

The shelving was all built from mdf by Shane and his Dad to specifications by me to fit certain things. Rolls of fabric, nappy cuts, magazines etc. Some of the shelving you've seen before as it's been up for awhile. So the nappy cut holder and the cutting bench were built this time.

The flooring was reclaimed from the Gap Storms in 2008, so whilst it's not perfect and bit scratched and dented, it's a vast improvement on a concrete floor and I feel better for not adding to landfill.

Paint is Sea Angel.

Still of course things to add, some photos of my gorgeous cherubs. Some bins for rubbish as we've moved everything about and there aren't enough. More containers for threads etc and some touches of me.

I've already found a sacred bamboo and I'll hopefully another couple, I love how they look.

And now the reveal photos, you've seen the before posts and now ta da ......

The wall of lush at the back, and the cutting table which is  1800 long by 1200 deep

Snap station for Mr Cherub

Wall of lush and my first published design in Australian Smocking and Embroidery 'Child of Nature' which has been reconfigured 3 times in different issues.

Other side of the cutting table with the nappy cut holder in the background

Sewing machine station, the Bernina is missing and I still have threads to sort and put up.  The empty stand was made by an elderly neighbour of one of my smocking students.

Snapping Station, and knits, books and other fabrics in the background

Computer desk and the semi-industrial sewing space, (still hiding in Sarah's room)

View from the front to back.  Massses of paperwork in the cabinets *groan* to be sorted.

From back to front, cutting table, industrial overlocker

The view from my cutting table, out over lemon, mandarin and lime trees, with flowers underneath.

Looking toward the wall of lush

Latest AS&E Submission, up for sale in store shortly.


  1. Wow!!! some wonderful creations! are bound to come out of such a wonderful space!

  2. *love* (and *jealousy*) Enjoy your brand new space.

  3. It looks fabulous. What a wonderful space to create in. Everything has a place and it looks great.

  4. exciting and wonderful and fabulous all at once. Here's to good sewing vibes.