Wednesday, February 8

More ice-cream and books

So I have no sewing room, talk about getting cut off at the knees, so I'm trying to find things that I can physically do that won't exhaust me, but still being sorta productive, I don't do sitting around doing nothing much well. Ask anyone ...... especially Shane.

So i've been trolling the library for books. These I had ordered in from another one, as ours seems distinctly lacking in these types.

The self sufficiency one is sorta a dud in that it's UK based, but the basics would be the same. I haven't had a chance to look at the bready ones just yet.

And last nights churn - Mango with a raspberry swirl. Mangos from a box bought at a good price, peeled,and pureed and pop into the freezer. Raspberries from the Farmer's Market. Jeni's recipe yet again.

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  1. Yumm I'm drooling over that icecream Hope your sewing room is a goer really soon!