Monday, February 6

Bread and Ice Cream

Well I want to get back to more bread baking, so here it is Sunflower and Oat.  I'm using the bread maker on pizza, just to mix the dough after a triple batch of pizza dough kneaded by hand nearly did me in - man am I unfit at the moment.

It's a Betty Crocker recipe for Bread Machines, but it works super, mind you I've tweaked it a bit as I found after the first time I made it, that it needed a wee bit more water.  This one is 1/3 wholemeal, 2/3 white bread flower.  I forgot to add in the sunflowers when I kneaded it to bread loaf shape, so they just got sprinkled on top.

And then Jeni's vanilla ice-cream with salted caramel swirl - it needs no further words.

1 comment:

  1. yum and yum.
    that's about all that's needed to be said, right? lol
    off to drool over the ice cream pic...