Sunday, March 25

Want to join us for Afternoon Tea?

Cause the Cinna Buns were DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Recipe from King Arthur Flour Via Sara from Willow and Moo - no surprise there, we are always sending each other links to stuff lol!!

I made it in the bread maker, only changing the milk - I used 1/3 cup powdered milk and warm water in place of their lukewarm milk, but it works just the same.

It says it makes 12 but they would have been massive. So the ones pictured are only about 1/3 of what I actually made and they are very very very good lol!

So much for the steady weight loss in preparation for the wedding, must walk more, must walk more.

And then for school lunches Ham and Cheese Scrolls cause apparently K is sick of the same food everyday, though she asks for the same food EVERYDAY, I'm sure other mums can related. They must have been good, because William ate his lunch and then ate TWO of the scrolls lol!!

I used my base Betty Crocker Bread mix, you'll find it a few posts back I think and just sliced champagne ham and tasty cheese sprinkled over, there is enough for lunches for 2 wee cherubs and then some. I guess I'll freeze them, so they last well for the week.

I also made the birthday boy Boiled Fruit Cake and still have to make Beef Pie for dinner, with the leftover from last night Birthday Roast and help Sarah make salted Caramel for cupcakes she's making for a friend's birthday. And I suppose somewhere in there more caramel slice cause W is addicted.

It's nice to have the baking mojo bake! Wait till you see what I'm up to for Easter!!!

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