Thursday, April 12


The year is just flying by, not helped by wee sick cherubs and mama cherub and school holidays, but we are getting through our to do list as fast as we can.

I've been stockpiling the dyeing and now I have enough for a stocking, so to that end I'll be stocking tomorrow night at 8pm - it's Friday the 13th what was I thinking, but I do have a lottery in store now - you can find it here - its for a hand dyed OBV day fitted in your choice of size price is $8.50, that includes click and send insured postage.

A big thank you Tracy from Fairy Fabrics for helping me do some dyeing the other day to add to my stockpile and always being on hand to answer any dye questions I have. I have lots more dyeing in the works, with lots of more wonderful ideas coming up, I can't wait to get to them all.

And here are just some of the yummies that will be available, more will preview tomorrow, I think we have about 10 more to put up, mostly in shades of green and blue.

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