Saturday, May 26

Bridesmaid Bags

Well today we - as in Mum and I made Bridesmaid Bags.

Using the Michelle Pattern (previously Keyka Lou) Pleated Wristlet in the smallest size, I set to work.

We used a georgette overlay  the same colour as the bridesmaids and an underlay of plain cotton as well georgette is pretty temperamental at times, but we wanted the ruched effect on the front.  The inner I used a cotton print that was a bit of fun.  Can I just say I love my cans of 505 basting spray, that allowed me to treat all the layers as one and not go mental with moving georgette in the process.

The pleated wristlet obviously has a pleated front feature panel, but I instead ruched a piece of georgette and gathered it to fit the lining piece and ditched the pleated pattern piece all together.  The wristlet piece is also slightly different as I didn't have small enough d-rings.

Possibly due to user error - aka because I changed the front, I couldn't get the step to work with the pleat in the front bottom hemline, so I just boxed the corners as per the inner, and instead of folding it up, I chopped it off to remove the bulk.

I think they look pretty darn good and they are all made.

Oh and we are going to add a charm in the bridesmaids initial so that everyone knows which belongs to whom.

Still need to

Make a veil
Make a small mans shirt - (its cut)
Make a smocked flower girl dress - (its cut)
Make a bridal purse
Make a ring pillow
Take up a bridesmaid dress x 2
Alter the grooms suit

And I'm sure there is more, but that will do to start.


  1. So are these bags instead of bouquet's .... what a lovely modern and stylish alternative. I think it will look lovely. I love the shade of purple, and they are beautifully made. Well done Lesley .... I am looking forward to seeing the next stage.