Sunday, May 27

The shirt

Well the shirt is finished, when I found the fabric at The Fabric Store  all I thought of wow this will be nice and warm for William.  Its a lovely ivory velveteen for want of a better word by Ralph Lauren - cost all up $24 - bargain at half the price.    But it's a wee bit thick for a man's/boy's shirt, so the sewing in parts isn't perfect, mostly where you have a few parts joining at once, collar and cuffs, but it's snuggly warm and I think it looks fabulous!!  

I used Kwik Sew 2974 - in size 8 - no alterations, unless you count the small stuff up with the plackets on the sleeve, which aren't quite where they should be, but hey, I don't make shirts for a living and it's been at least 15 years since I made any at all.

So that's one more item down.  Today we also visited Topiaries to tie down final details, menu and such and work on a timetable for when things will occur.

And William is still refusing to smile for photos, I hope that changes before the day.

I still have to do 

Make a veil
Make a small mans shirt - (its cut)
Make a smocked flower girl dress - (its cut)
Make a bridal purse
Make a ring pillow
Take up a bridesmaid dress x 2
Alter the grooms suit

but add on ties for the groom, best man, DOTB and small man.  And possibly vests .......

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  1. yay Blogger is working again for me.

    I tell ya Lesley, you're pretty awesome eh. You rock :)
    I honestly couldn't muster it to make the shirts and pants. Nice work!

    (PS, I still have the ring pillow you did the embroidery for... still love it xo)