Sunday, May 20

Wedding sewing .....

And this is just the start eek!  5 weeks and counting sigh!

So far I've

Altered one bridesmaid dress and half way through another, but today was a big day - we had to take up the hem of the all important wedding dress.  Amy is mighty petite and whilst the dress elsewhere is pretty much a perfect fit, the hem was WAYYYYYY too long.  So with the help of my friend Margo, lots of guts, some pins, a blue washout marker and my trusty scissors we set to work.

Now whilst I can't show you the dress ...... you just have to wait and see.

The chopping resulted in  metres and metres of tulle, satin, more tulle and and underskirt, laying all over.  All up we chopped off 7 layers.

And we also started on William's outfit.  The pants to start with - wool blend in black from The Fabric Store

Kwik Sew 3399 Boys pants and vest, though we aren't sure whether the vest is a goer yet or not, yes I know 5 weeks!!!!  But the pants are done, when the photos were taken we just needed to do the hem and the belt loops, but I've done the belt loops and grandma is here to do the hem.

The pattern was pretty good.  Margo made them up to the zip and then handed them over, we ditched the back welt pocket, but otherwise followed the pattern.  I think they look pretty darn good, they need a good steam iron and the little closure at the front, but they fit him pretty perfectly - we made the 8 with length added to the bottom hem , to take it a 10 length, but I ended up chopping off an inch and the hem is an inch and a half.  They feel lovely and just like a man's pair with the shaped centre back.

I did also make a Style Arc Kate this morning, but it needs a bit more work done on it, and something a bit draper than stella, but it only needs minor tweaking, not sure if that's the wedding outfit for me or not yet ......  yes I'm currently still going neeked.  I have jewellery though lol!!

Next on the list - William's shirt.

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