Saturday, May 19

Some days

It's super hard being a wahm.  Some days its hard just being a mum. This week was hard, I have an awful lot on my already full plate, so I took a day off, hoping that will help, rather than falling in a heap for a week.

So for the first time in a very long time, I did not much, I traced some patterns, I read a book (new Sookie), watched a movie (Sherlock Holmes 2) and did a wee bit of sewing for Katherine.  It's been forever since I made her anything, and her winter wardrobe is non-existent.  Now whilst her last years wardrobe fits her around ( she's still trying to put that weight back on), it's too short, she's grown taller, in fact she is much taller than any of my other children were at her age.

She was playing games as usual when it comes to photos and the frowny one was directed at William.  Who for once wanted to have his photo taken with his sister or at all, but little miss 'I am the star' wouldn't play. So I had to shoo William off to take photos of the little miss.

Outfit is Ottobre Peacock from Issue 1/2011 and Licorice Leggings from issue 4/2009, though in the pattern they were cropped, I added in 5 cm, and made them long.

Patterns for once from Ottobre, worked, with no tweaking at all - I made the size 116 for both, and they are a little baggy, but she wasn't home for me to measure.  Fabrics are all from Crafty Mamas.  Plains are both Stella.   Not blood red, but the other one for the pants.

And then following food gawker as I do - I made Hot Buttered Pretzels.  They could be fluffier, but still tasted very good, I drenched them in butter and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar.  William inhaled his.  K wanted to eat more, but as she was on her way to a party I stalled her.

And speaking of party, the outfit above is being worn at said party.  And this is the birthday gift.  Gemma Clutch from ithinksew.  A sweet and easy wee little girls bag, i had run out of magnetic snaps, so I used aplix.  The little ballerina is also a brooch, so can be removed and the gorgeous hair bow are from Trinity's Treasures

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