Sunday, June 24


Post 200 squeeee lol!!!  Hmmm might have to do a giveaway, yes?  Well comment here and I'lll send something in the post to one of the commentors.

William has wanted a cap for ages, he keeps stealing Sarah's beret, so I used the Huck Finn Pattern from Sew Liberated, after a fair bit of swearing and gnashing of teeth - I think because the wee one is sick and kept me up half the night and I'm stressing, I over thought things, it's actually goes together fairly quickly - like in under an hour, there a few things i'd change for next time, but I don't have time for next time at the moment. 

As you can see by the photos William is super chuffed lol!!  He even smiled for the camera.

And I think purple is his colour - look at those gorgeous eyelashes.

Make a veil
Make a smocked flower girl dress - (its cut)
Make a bridal purse
Make a ring pillow
Take up a bridesmaid dress x 2
Alter the grooms suit

but add on ties for the groom, best man, DOTB and small man.  And possibly vests .......

Seems the list is slowly, slowly getting smaller.

And then it gets bigger as I forget things we need to have done like
Shirt/tie for Shane - we have the shirt, still have to find a tie.
Test flavours for the wedding cake and we are testing the vegan cupcakes today.
I'm sure there is more, thank heavens my sis and mum arrive this week.


  1. Well thank goodness for a mother and a sister!! W's cap looks fabulous though and I Loooove the colour :D Who knows where you find the time though with everything you else you have on!! Wonderwoman!!

  2. Wow, 200 posts and what grat 200th, very cool cap!

  3. Great hat! Hope all the wedding planning goes smoothly!

  4. Congrats on reaching 200. I look forward to seeeing some beautiful wedding shots.

  5. Well good luck Lesley! I'll second that I don't know where you find the time :)

    and double second re the wedding pics...

  6. Congrats on 200 posts Lesley! The cap looks fab - and even better in the wedding pics :)