Saturday, July 7

Sewing, sewing

The gorgeous Margo from The Climbing Tree has helped me heaps in the past few weeks, not least of all by making some clothes for the littlest cherub.  I always forget to grab a photo, so here's one of them - pardon the hair, it's the end of a busy running about and playing day.

I dyed the fabric for the overdress with hood, Margo spied it whilst wandering through my massive stash lol!!  and purloined it to make some goodies.  I believe it's an Amelia tunic, but don't' quote me - topped with a long sleeved tshirt in dots and some funky striped and sparkly leggings.

And yes the little cherub reckons they go fabulously together and who am I to argue.

And then the wee cherub has two birthday parties this weekend and I really wanted to make them something, and Art Folder is what I wanted, I found a pattern from Gingercake

Yes yes I know I could have made up my own, but my brain is still fried from wedding stuff I think and I couldn't' think straight, so I got this pattern and it goes together very well.  I just did a simple embellishment on the front with the name of the party girl.

When I make it again, I'm going to add about 2 inches to the width of the piece, just so that i have enough room for longer pencils/markers and a spiral bound art book, as opposed to the flat pads, as I've found a good source for the spiral bound ones .  It was easy to put together and worked well.  There are no measurements for the pockets, rather you have to fold to make the size, but I've just measured them and added them to the pattern for next time, just so it's quicker for me.

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  1. My how she is growing up :)
    I must confess I didn't intend for all 3 garments to be worn together - I would have been more careful with the colour selection, but who are we to argue with the style selections of a 6yr old!